Learn Microsoft SQL Server

SQL or Structured Query Language is a collection of objects that allow you to store and manipulate data.It is also a RDBMS ( Relational Database Management System) as we can set relations between different objects to materialize the real life database management.

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  1. SQL Server History
  2. Download Full SQL Server Developer 2014 for free
  3. Integrity Constraint in SQL
  4. Primary key
  5. Unique Key
  6. Foreign key
  7. Cascading referential integrity constraint
  8. Default constraint
  9. Default keyword
  10. NOT NULL constraint
  11. NULL Keyword
  12. Check constraint
  13. Rule constraint / User Defined constraint
  14. Types of Statement in SQL
  15. SQL Statement Execution Order / Logical Query Processing Phase
  16. Exception Handling in SQL
  17. Stored Procedure in SQL
  18. Types of Stored Procedure in SQL
  19. Parameter Sniffing in SQL

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